Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Debugging Flex and Java on Glassfish on OSX6

Just a short post about debugging apps.  If you are using OSX and Glassfish, if you want to debug a remote java application, you need to do the following on the glassfish (there are 2 ways to do this)

The first is going through the admin screen -> application server -> JVM Settings -> JVM Options -> and add the following to JVM Option:


Save your options and you'll need to restart your server.

Make sure you only add that here, otherwise your server won't start up correctly and you'll be forced to do what I learned the hard way (proceed to step two if you added it to the General tab's Debug Options)

Open the following file:


Add a child to the with the same parameters:


Then restart your server and you're all set!  I hope this helps anyone else trying to get eclipse breakpoints to actually catch on debug mode using glassfish!

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