Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Datefields before Flex 4.5

So I wanted to take advantage of the custom skinning I had already done for a datechooser, and apply that to my new datefield without making a copy of all the skin classes.  Turns out, this is relatively easy, if you know what to look for.  Code below:

  1. Extend datefield
  2. set the dropdownFactory in the constructor to an IFactory var
  3. then in css, set your custom datefielddatechooser's settings (which may be identical or different to your own datechooser custom skins)
  4. and finally, in css (or wherever else you set your styles), for the extended datefield, set the dateChooserStyleName to null...i.e. ClassReference(null)
You do these steps, and you'll have your custom skins show up on the drop down of the datefield...a PITA and Flex 4.0/4.1 problem, so maybe it's no longer mx in 4.5 (but I can't find it anywhere in spark, so maybe it's still stuck in MX hell?).  Anyways, as promised, here are some code examples, if my sytnaxhighlighter doesn't eat them.


package com.lordB8r.view.component.controls.datefield{

import flash.events.Event;
import mx.controls.DateField;
import mx.core.ClassFactory;
import mx.core.IFactory;

public class DateFieldBase extends DateField{
private _dateChooser:IFactory = new ClassFactory(DateFieldDateChooserBase);

public function DateFieldBase(){
this.dropdownFactory = _dateChooser;

package view.component.datefield.datechooser{
 import mx.controls.DateChooser;
 import view.component.datechooser.skins.CommonsDateChooserNextMonthSkin;
 import view.component.datechooser.skins.CommonsDateChooserPrevMonthSkin;
 import view.component.datechooser.skins.CommonsDateChooserRollOverIndicatorSkin;
 import view.component.datechooser.skins.CommonsDateChooserSelectionIndicatorSkin;
 import view.component.datechooser.skins.CommonsDateChooserTodayIndicatorSkin;
 [Style(name="highlightFillColors",  type="Array", arrayType="uint")]

 public class DateFieldDateChooserBase extends DateChooser{
  public function DateFieldDateChooserBase(){
   setStyle("nextMonthSkin",    nextMonthSkin);
   setStyle("prevMonthSkin",    prevMonthSkin);
   setStyle("rollOverIndicatorSkin",  rollOverIndicatorSkin);
   setStyle("selectionIndicatorSkin",  selectionIndicatorSkin);
   setStyle("todayIndicatorSkin",   todayIndicatorSkin);
  protected function get nextMonthSkin():Class{
   return CommonsDateChooserNextMonthSkin;
  protected function get prevMonthSkin():Class{
   return CommonsDateChooserPrevMonthSkin;
  protected function get rollOverIndicatorSkin():Class{
   return CommonsDateChooserRollOverIndicatorSkin;
  protected function get selectionIndicatorSkin():Class{
   return CommonsDateChooserSelectionIndicatorSkin;
  protected function get todayIndicatorSkin():Class{
   return CommonsDateChooserTodayIndicatorSkin;

date-chooser-style-name: ClassReference(null);

datechooser|DateFieldDateChooserBase{ headerColors: #e2e6eb, #f4f5f7; todayColor: #818181; rollOverColor: #b2e1ff; selectionColor: #7fceff; color: #373830; borderColor: #b7babc; headerStyleName:"mydateChooserHeaderStyle"; weekDayStyleName:"mydateChooserWeekDayStyle"; todayStyleName:"mydateChooserTodayStyle"; } .mydateChooserHeaderStyle { color: #373830; font-weight: bold; } .mydateChooserWeekDayStyle { color: #373830; font-weight: bold; } .mydateChooserTodayStyle { color: #ffffff; fontWeight: normal; fontStyle: normal; textDecoration: none; border-visible: false; }

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