Friday, April 20, 2012

Why everyone should avoid Adobe Connect

Aside from the fact that it sucks, support is by a bunch of people who, shall we say, aren't speaking clear American English, and do not actually understand the technical bits behind the system, including the SyncSwfEvent.  Anyways, after hours, days, and weeks, of screaming, yelling, and cursing, I can tell you that I will never recommend to any client to go forward with this product.  Its documentation is horrendous, and as I said, the support is even worse.  sorry for the rant, just angry at it...


  1. Not to mention even with an adobe hosted deployment, or a site hosted deployment, the VOIP is spotty at best. Constant audo breaking up during the meeting, even though all users meet the requrements on the adobe site. When being troubleshot by SUDIP from Banglapor, he said that having applications running while using adobe was not reccomended.... I guess the Share screen functionality is so I can show my pretty desktop background, because it sure as heck isnt' reccomended for sharing applications, since adobe takes up 80% of your RAM and CPU resources just to run.