Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dreamweaver and CS4 killing performance

Is Dreamweaver running slow for anyone else who does Flex development.  I'm not on a great machine, but I'm running a MacBook 13" w/ a 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo, and 2 GB of Ram, but I do love my MacBook, and get quite frustrated by the fact that when I open up most of my CS4 products, my computer can come to a grinding halt.  Actually, it's mostly just Dreamweaver, which I'm using for reading, writing and editing C#.  I've thought about running my XP partition, then running visual studio for the coding, but that'd take up just about as much resources as me running Dreamweaver.  What I don't understand (and maybe it comes from being spoiled by a wonderful Eclipse community), but why is Dreamweaver so unwieldily and ugly and hard to use?  I'm happy that I can edit multiple languages with it, but frankly, I would've been happier if netBeans or even Eclipse let me work on it.  It's annoying!  But regardless, I'm trying to figure out what is killing my cpu?  I do know and have configured my Eclipse for larger memory management (I believe I set the min at 84, and the max at 1024), but I'm almost never using all of that.  Aside from a few smaller apps (read: iTunes, Adium, Thunderbird), I'm at a loss for such inefficiency. 

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