Monday, June 24, 2013

Importing a Python Django project into IntelliJ IDEA with the Plugin using virtualenv

I recently was importing a project that was created by another developer.  Before importing the project, I wanted to install a virtualenv for my python and Django version (it is kind of annoying that if you create a virtualenv for each project, you have to re-install libs like Django every time).  I came across this great post that got me where I needed to be on OSX.8:

That got me most of the way there, and during this time I became intimately closer w/ virtualenv.  However, the problem was the IntelliJ was not enjoying the Django, no matter what set for my settings and manager scripts...finally, with the right google-fu I found this question that got me mostly there:

In OSX, in the project settings, select the module, and then select the parent folder of the Django module, and there you can see if you have the virtualenv listed as part of your dependencies.  Once I got that in place, suddenly I could see into all of my Django libs and build my project.  Win!

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