Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eclipse .ini changes

FB3 breaks then fixes, all because I forgot an 'm' in my init file.  Actually, I was trying to change the min, max, and permanent sizes of my eclipse runtime, and I accidentally deleted one of the 'm's, and then eclipse never started or worked for me again.  I got really angry, wasted 30 minutes trying to figure out what happened, including trying to read the logs and see where it went wrong, and finally decided to skip ahead and reinstall eclipse (3.4.2 of course, as FB3 won't work on 3.5, although some have figured it out…)  So long story short, I reinstalled, did the software update to re-attach FB3 plugin (the new 3.5 sdk rocks!), and then couldn't get SVN to attach via subclipse.  Another half hour later, and I returned to my .ini file, checked it against my old install, found the missing 'm', almost kicked myself, fixed the 'm', and now I have everything back in order…how annoying!  Although, now Aptana makes things a bit slower...anyone else having that problem?

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