Friday, January 15, 2010

Eclipse Navigator Link with Editor

This as a small setting that I made about 6 months ago, forgot where I did it, and about 2 days later, regretted ever making this change.  I hate having my navigator bounce around all the time every time I change a tab, so this was annoying as all get out.  Stoopid me, I didn't find it again until my co-worker showed me this link.  It was for something completely different (i.e. hiding .svn folders, but on a Windows machine, however on my mac svn files are hidden in Eclipse).  Needless to say, I saw that example image, with the term 'Link with Editor'.  My eyes misted and I got very smiley, as my co-worker accidentally solved my problem (and he just wanted to help me hide the hidden .svn folders).  Oh well.  Glad I'm back on a more efficient route!

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