Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Flex Builder error: The project properties files could not be read.

My recent flex adventure almost came to a crashing end when I shut down and restarted Eclipse, only to find that my file's project properties could no longer be read?!?!  I got very angry trying to figure out what happened, thinking to myself that I recently tried committing my project to SVN via subclipse (which is another story on its own).  One thing I'm very happy I did was create a backup before trying to commit.  Pretty much every time I tried to open my project I got the project properties files could not be read.  I looked at the .actionScript and .project files, and couldn't see anything missing.  I looked high and low, and ran a -diff on my project and the backup copy.  Turns out, I was missing the .flexProperties file.  How that got deleted from the project I don't know, but it was horrifyingly maddening to only get a mystic message saying the project properties files could not be read.  Which files?!?  A better message would be preferred, but alas, I copied the old over to the project folder, and I'm back in shape.  Lesson learned, if you get this error, make sure you have all three project files in the correct location (aka CYA).

Thanks to Ben Clinkenbeard and Eric Hélier for getting me in the right direction!


  1. Very helpful. Thanks a lot!

  2. THanks for posting your experience else I was gonna go crazy searching the cause :)